1. [2010] dose

  2. [2010] where the heart goes

  3. Full cover for《青燈04》(Qīng dēng 04) by 日京川 (Ri Jing Chuan)
    Published by 

  4. Old commissioned works.

    Thank you very much for your kindness!

  5. Backdrop design for a client, printed size is 5 meter x 6 meter

  6. [GLITTERS] series done for SAMSUNG~!
    They are all available as phone covers.
    Feel free to visit the link below for more information~


    [GLITTERS] are inspired from our high school days in my country.
    It was really an enjoyable project, thank you Ai Wei from Ideas Empire for the opportunity 

  7. Final piece of illustration work done for SAMSUNG, “Sweet Skipping” from my [GLITTERS] series

  8. Second piece of illustration work done for SAMSUNG, “Marble Dreams” from my [GLITTERS] series

  9. Illustration work done for SAMSUNG, “Hop Free” from my [GLITTERS] series

  10. Hello everyone, sorry this is sudden…..I will be attending SMASH! at Sydney this weekend~! Will be at Artist Circle, booth number 22~!
    Here’s a list of prints I will be bringing to the event.
    I will be bringing copies of my previous mini book, [Pallidity Monolity] as well.

    Very excited to meet friends after so long!
    Feel free to drop by~! :D