1. kids and crowns

    My hard disk died along with all my personal and client’s original artworks last month.

    I felt devastated and had to redo some work for some publishers and commissioners.

    I tried to look for old and previous works scattering around the net.
    I still have some hi-res soft copies saved somewhere, so it is still okay.

    But browsing thru my old works, I felt I did not do a good job in illustrating at all.

    I don’t know how to describe this feeling, so until then.
    Please take care.

  2. kids and phones

  3. Happy 2014 New Year, and thank you very much.

  4. Tutorial published in COMIC KING issue 160 this month~!

    Thank you Clazroom for the opportunity!

  5. I was allowed to upload the full version of this illustration.

  6. Trying to draw in the bus

  7. kikitue:

    WEEEW finally stuffed my kidchan covers from society6. Didn’t buy them pre-stuffed ‘cause I’m a cheapskate. Got four inners for £5 yessir. ‘Cept I had to stuff two in each one ‘cause cheap inners man,cheap inners.

    Will be enjoying these babes in my new place at Uni in ONE WEEK! errp. better pack or something rite?

    oh my godddd thank you so much for purchasing!! ;_____;
    Am so honoured!! <3<3<3

    (Source: faigelable)

  8. I did this cover for a novel titled  《青燈》 (Qing Deng) written by 日京川 (Ri Jing Chuan). Many thanks to Mikazuki Publication for the opportunity!

    For a summary of the story, feel free to check them out here
    (The texts are all written in Chinese language)

    Here’s a photo from their booth during a books festival at Taiwan.
    It’s……huge orz.

    For Malaysian friends, they might be selling the book at [Popular] franchise bookstores :)

    Just finished working on 2nd volume~~! 加油~~~

    p.s : I changed my drawing style to suit the theme of the book.

  9. I drew this 3 years ago.

    At the moment, I use the computer to draw a lot more so I have forgotten how to draw with a pencil hahaha orz

    Long distance relationship with a pencil is suffering.

    p.s : I have been inactive due to offline work, sorry…..

  10. Hello all~!

    Here’s a video of a quick drawing using Paint Tool Sai, which was done for a workshop at FUNAN ANIME MATSURI.


    Many thanks to AFA for the opportunity!

    Song is by 두번째달(Second Moon) titled 외눈박이 소녀의 이야기

    Visit their iTunes store here


    Tools I have used are Intuos 5 and Paint Tool Sai which you can purchase from here 


    Many thanks for dropping by! :)